Students in the TJUHSD will have equitable technology access that extends beyond the walls of the classroom to allow every student the opportunity to grow as digital citizens: providing greater communication, interaction and collaboration with the curriculum, other students, teachers and the community.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Aeries Communication Notifications

With Aeries Communication you have complete control over how you receive messages. You can modify these settings at any time by going into Aeries Communications and clicking your portrait (or circle with your initials) and selecting the third option Notifications.
After clicking on Notifications, you are presented with a table of call types and delivery methods. Delivery methods are Call (voice call), SMS (text message), or Email. One big difference with Aeries Communication and previous communication systems used by the District is that Aeries Communication does not assume we want to wait until 6:00 PM to start making calls. The idea is to increase school to home communication much like text messaging has brought about more instantaneous messaging in our work and personal lives. Given this, we would highly recommend turning off Calls for most communication types.
You will notice you can not turn off any delivery methods for Emergency Announcements. By law, we are allowed to use any contact information we have to reach parents or guardians in the case of an emergency. For Attendance Notifications, you can turn all but the last method off. By law we can contact you regarding your child's attendance. For the remainder of this school year, we will send attendance messages home one a day like we currently do, however next year, we have the capability to send messages every period. Why wait until 6:00 PM to find out your child didn't show up to school at 8:00 AM? With more frequent communication, SMS or e-mail would likely be a better choice as it is less of a distraction.

For all other delivery methods, you can turn on or off one, two, or all delivery methods. If you turn all delivery methods off, you still get the message. It is delivered to you in Aeries Communication but you have no notification to go view the message. It is your responsibility to go into Aeries Communication and check for new messages. This is similar to how you may check Facebook daily, but turn off notifications.

There is one other Notification Preference in the Aeries Parent Portal. In Aeries you can set your account to receive General and Emergency Announcements, Only Emergency Announcements, or specify Do Not Contact. If you specify Do Not Contact, we will no longer be able to send you any message within Aeries Communication. If you select Emergency Announcements Only you will not receive and messages from the school or district unless it is an emergency. These settings override any setting in Aeries Communication. So if you have set General District Announcements to SMS and then set Aeries to Emergency Announcements Only, you will not receive general district announcements. We recommend keeping Aeries at General and Emergency Announcements and using the notification settings in Aeries Communications as that gives you more flexibility.
Lastly, if you do not have an Aeries Parent Portal account (,) please email with your email address, student's first and last name, student's grade, and school your student attends so we can create an account for you. Once an account is created, you will receive an email with login information.

Friday, February 9, 2018

February's Tech Teacher of the Month

Congratulations to Tulare Union Math Teacher, Patrick Hamilton! Patrick was recognized as February's Tech Teacher of the Month!

Tech Teacher of the Month- December

Congratulations to Maria Spellman from Tulare Western High School. She was December's Tech Teacher of the Month!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Monday, October 30, 2017

Tech Teacher of the Month- October

Congratulations to Tulare Union's Eric York! Eric is a Science teacher who incorporates some awesome technology into his classes.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Web Filtering Policies

Our web filtering policies can be found on the web filter policies document under Technology Documents to the right. The document shows what categories are available to us in the filter, and which categories we have turned on or off for restricted or unrestricted students. Additionally, the restricted policy is enforced on all students from 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM Monday through Friday.

Our overall goal with this policy is to never restrict students from doing homework, but to restrict them from non educational sites if they are restricted or when they should be getting ready for school the next day. Certainly there will be sites in the "wrong" category that inadvertently get blocked, or sites that are correctly categorized but not usually educational that a student might want to use for research. If we are made aware of any sites that are needed for educational purposes we will do our best to allow them.

As to restricted and unrestricted, this information is pulled from the Aeries authorizations table. A student will be restricted for one of the following reasons: They do not have a current Responsible Use Agreement on file according to Aeries; Their parent or guardian has requested they not have access to games or social media; Disciplinary restriction for violating the Responsible Use Agreement; Academic restriction if they have shown that full access is too much of a distraction and their grades are suffering. The latter two reasons are controlled by school site staff.